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Edessa Falls

May 21, 2015

Cyprus to Kos, Leros, Fournoi, Chios, Lesvos, Limnos
and now Thessaloniki, Northern Greece

Above is the waterfall in Edessa, a town known for its waters. This town and the smaller neighbouring town of Pella, where Alexander the Great lived and studied was the last stop on our northern Greece road trip. We traveled to the Balkan borders of Albanian and Macedonian and back to Big Sky in Thessaloniki. Northern Greece doesn't possess the fabulous archeology found in southern Greece, but it can boast of Byzantine churches, dramatic landscapes, snow capped mountains, wild animals, and fertile plains.

Con and I are in Canada on personal matters and will return to Big Sky in a month. The website will be suspended until our return.

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Palmarion, Lesvos, Greece


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