Big Sky Nauticat sailboat on water
Nisos Elafonisos, Greece

August 26, 2014

We're back in Greece!
500 NM left to go of our 1750 NM journey to Cyprus
From Valencia, Spain, we sailed directly to Kelibia, Tunisia for .56 cent diesel and to hand over "what-have-you-got-for-us presents" (whiskey and vodka, purchased just for that purpose since we don't drink that stuff), from there an overnight to Sicily to drop the hook for a night, and then 2.5 days across the Ionian Sea, arriving in turquoise Greek 30 degree waters in the lovely town of Kalamata where we're slighty delayed. Our five-year-old batteries have given up. Now, with four new AGM 240 AMP hour batteries we've anchored in paradise, Nisos Elafonisos.

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Nisos Elafonisos



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