Big Sky Nauticat sailboat on water
Con swimming in the Astipalaia bay

September 2, 2014

Ah, with regret we moved on from our beautiful, clear-water almost perfect anchorage. "Almost" because it has excellent shelter from all winds except a south one, which was due to arrive the next afternoon. We moved on to Astipalaia, the butterfly island (shaped like a butterfly), leaving the Cyclades and entering the Dodecanese chain of islands within Greece. Weather forecasts said we can anticipate 10 to 15 NM winds, but what arrived was a steady 30 - 35 at times up to 46 NM! The sea set up with choppy two meter waves, giving the boat a good salt wash. It was a relief to arrive in this protected bay, but not until we'd circled it twice seeking the best internet connection. Con took a "delicious" 9 am swim in the 30 degree waters. It's a bit murky compared to what we've been enjoying.

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Nisos Elafonisos



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