Big Sky Nauticat sailboat on water
bike riding in Cyprus

November 27, 2014
We're wintering in the Limassol, Cyprus Marina

It's official, we'll be presenters at the Toronto Boat Show this January. See the link:
Presenters: Barb and Con Sprenger
Demystifying the Med: so what are you waiting for?

Our days in Cyprus are fantastic!
Bike rides in the warm sunshine each day; work outs at the gym; and delicious meals each day. We're trying all things Cyprus: Halloumi cheese, they put it on sandwiches -- we fry it on salads -- it's good; Txibepti honey, voted "The Best Honey in the World -- delicious; the Kolokasi veggie pictured in Diaries -- it's not bad; and Halva with is actually a Lebanese sesame dessert -- yummy.


Our family in Alberta and Saskatchewan is buried in snow where we'll join them this Christmas and then carry on to Toronto to visit Doug and Merrilee (brother and sister-in-law).

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