Big Sky Nauticat sailboat on water

November 19, 2014
We're wintering in the Limassol, Cyprus Marina

I saw these gorgeous orchids a few days ago on their stern porch of a large yacht across the marina. I stopped Con saying, "Look how beautiful; my favourite flowers!" This morning, the captain stopped me as I climbed aboard Big Sky, "Would you like these?" That was an understatement!

Guess what's going on along the waterfront these days?
We might join them this week.

We purchased Kolokasi's, assured by the two sweet ladies working in the vegetable section that they are delicious. Upon research, we learned they're poisonous if eaten raw!

Our family in Alberta and Saskatchewan is buried in snow where we'll join them this Christmas and then carry on to Toronto to visit Doug and Merrilee (brother and sister-in-law). We will present at the Toronto Boat Show while there -- our second time.
Our subject: "Demystifying the Med: So, what are you waiting for?

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